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Introducing the Ask a Doubt feature

We all know that having our doubts resolved on time is an integral part of our preparational journey for all exams. Unacademy is offering you a provision of having your doubts cleared instantly on the platform. We resolve doubts based on the best match available to the question. Please be informed that all our solutions to the doubts are system generic. However, we always thrive to serve all our learners with their queries.

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1:1 Live MentorshipProgram

Avail 1:1 Strategic Sessions with our Live Mentor Program ( LMP ). A dedicated mentor will be assigned to the learner immediately after subscribing to Iconic Subscription. You'll be able to book the sessions at the time slot that works best for you. In these sessions, guidance will be provided on the entire platform navigation, and details of our educators including the strategic tips to crack any Bank Exam.

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1:1 Live Mentorship Program Walkthrough

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask a Doubt

 Where can I post doubts on the Platform?

You may post the doubts here in the " Doubts & Solutions " tab on Unacademy Platform.

How do I post doubts on the platform?

Doubts have to be posted in the form of an image, with printed text and upload the same. Kindly ensure the format is in JPG or PNG format only.

When can I expect the solutions for the doubts posted?

Solutions are provided within 3-4 hours of posting.

How are the solutions provided to the submitted doubts?

We resolve the doubts based on the best match to the question. 

For Example, If the question is about " Boats and Streams ", our system will search for the best solution available on the system, based on the keywords used in the question.

Please be informed that all our solutions to the doubts are system generated.

Things to keep in mind while posting doubts

Please ensure that the doubts have to be posted in the form of images where the text needs to be typed.

Kindly avoid handwritten notes.

Only one question., ie one doubt per image to be posted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1:1 Learner Mentorship Program

What duration slots are available on the platform for booking?

Learners can book the slots for 10, 20 or 30 mins.

How many credits are required to book the slots?

1 Credit = 10 mins. Similarly, you may book the slots according to your convenience and the credits available in your account. 

How many credits can a learner obtain on the platform?

Learners will be provided with 4 credits per month. For example, on a 6 months subscription, 24 credits will be available.

How many sessions can be booked per week / month?

There is no limit to the number of sessions you would want to book.

Can the sessions be extended?

No, sessions cannot be extended. Please plan your slot accordingly so that you have a steady experience.

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